My name is Karl Webster and this is my website. There's still quite a bit of work to do — that banner's got to go for a start — but for now, this is where the magic happens. What magic? you say. Read on... 

As well as monthly 'How to'-style guides covering everything from How to Cure Back Pain to How to Survive a Sociopath Dictatorship to How to Successfully Split Infinitives, and monthly round-ups of the best of the latest cinema releases, there will also be irregular blog posts covering all kinds of things that simply cannot be predicted, like the time a man shouted SATAN in my face, or the time I stopped eating animals, or the time I learned how to meditate.  There's also a monthly newsletter that features exclusive content, delicious special offers and extremely rare updates on upcoming projects, including Lying Dogs, The Good Sociopath and other stories, and so on. So sign up below if you know what's good for you...

Everything split into manageable chunks

Maybe you already know how to complain, apologise, defeat the Nazis and get off a moving escalator. But do you know how to cure back pain, defeat sociopaths, defeat silverfish, fall in love and survive a mid-life crisis? Well, I do. Don't ask me how. Just say yes.

The Blog

I've been keeping a blog for around 12 years, on and off, and you know what? I really enjoy it. In the past, I was always hoping it would turn into something else — now I do it almost entirely for my own pleasure, and of course, for yours. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Step inside...

The Pictures

In Amsterdam, where I live, there is something called Cineville, which allows me — for a trifling €19 a month — to go to the cinema as much as I like. So I go a lot. And once a month I write about the best films I've seen. If you love films, this might bring you some pleasure. Join me.


Here's where I keep all the many (both) books that I've written that I'm actually proud of. One day I hope it'll be slightly more impressive. I have more that are completed (or on the very cusp of completion). I shall be publishing them myself soon. This is the build-up. Check it.

Hire Me

I do copywriting of the most top rank at The Best Words Online. I specialise in words for websites but I can write whatever you'd like me to write. I also translate Italian words into English and I sometimes teach the English language to foreigners and footballers. Read more.

As featured in...

These are just a handful of some of the publications and media outlets in and on which I have been featured, no matter how tenuously. Displaying them in this ostentatious manner is called 'social proof' and it is most assuredly not the behaviour of a desperate man. Look! Grazia! Oh my god, the Daily Mail. 

Here is a random selection of posts from the past few years. Dip in...

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