Feedback Friday :: This Is the Day

pitches/proposals :: 1 (on a whim: nothing back yet) work completed :: 6 copywriting jobs / 2 hours of teaching (low on work, high on preparation) hours of Dutch learning :: 0. Ha! Pappa kak! books being read :: 1. I finished Amsterdam, just in time, and it was a glorious book. Now I’m focusing on The How of Happiness. happiness score #1 ::… Continue reading Feedback Friday :: This Is the Day


Feedback Friday :: David Foster Wallace

pitches/proposals :: 0 work completed :: 7 copywriting jobs / 12.5 hours of English-teaching hours of Dutch learning :: 0.25. I am a disgrace. books being read :: 2 (Same two as six weeks ago. But I am very close to finishing Amsterdam. Nazis have made it intensely harrowing. As is their wicked wont.) physical exercise :: I played an hour of… Continue reading Feedback Friday :: David Foster Wallace

INTERVIEW · poetry

Waxing Lyrical with Kornel Kossuth, The Poetry Busker

There is something quintessentially English about German-born Hungarian beekeeper, teacher and poet, Kornel Kossuth. Maybe you’ve seen him, on the South Bank, perched over a vintage keyboard like some Wodehousian dandy, clad in cravat, waistcoat and top hat, writing poems for strangers.  ‘I’ve always felt I’m English,’ he says, in his quintessentially English cottage in rural Kent, ‘and England is where… Continue reading Waxing Lyrical with Kornel Kossuth, The Poetry Busker


Feedback Friday :: Beautiful Freaks

pitches/proposals :: 0 jobs completed :: 5 copywriting jobs English lessons taught :: 8 English lessons aborted because of technology issues :: 1 hours of Dutch learning :: 0 (I have fallen out of the habit – see how easily it happens?) books being read :: 2 (Same two as five weeks ago. Pfffft.) physical exercise :: None whatsoever. I am getting fat… Continue reading Feedback Friday :: Beautiful Freaks


Feedback Friday :: Victoria

pitches/proposals :: 1 responses to pitches/proposals:: 4 jobs from nowhere :: 1 jobs completed :: 5 copywriting jobs, 1 script-editing/proofreading job jobs turned down :: 4 English lessons taught :: 4 (iTalki has kicked in) hours of Dutch learning :: 1 (I have been busy) books being read :: 2 (Same two as four weeks ago. I need to make a proper routine,… Continue reading Feedback Friday :: Victoria


Feedback Friday :: Anticipation

pitches/proposals :: 7 positive responses :: 0 (Early days, early days.) jobs completed :: 4 copywriting jobs English lessons taught :: 1 (Started first block of ten hours on iTalki.) hours of Dutch learning :: less than an hour I think. It’s not been a great week in terms of effort. I apologise. books being… Continue reading Feedback Friday :: Anticipation


Candles In the Wind ’16

  Candles In the Wind ’16 A poem inspired by Lloyd Hollett (see above). (Title by Greg Stekelman)   Beyond the pearly gates of God, where no one ever really dies, You’ll find the latest dead celebs entranced by who? Surprise surprise! It’s Cilla Black, flat on her back, her gob full of carrots and  mince – Between… Continue reading Candles In the Wind ’16


Feedback Friday :: A Crack In Everything

pitches/proposals :: 2 (one on Upwork, one through a friend) positive responses :: 2 (both still pending) jobs completed :: 3 English lessons taught :: 2 trials hours of Dutch learning :: probably only 90 minutes this week in total. Donder slampamper! books being read :: 2 (same two as two weeks ago) outings :: 1 physical exercise :: bit of cycling,… Continue reading Feedback Friday :: A Crack In Everything


Music Magick :: Imogen Heap

Because life is what it is, I never met Imogen Heap until very recently when a friend of mine played me a couple of her songs on YouTube – yes, that counts as meeting – and they both brought tears to my eyes. Since then I’ve looked at a couple more things she’s done and I have quickly… Continue reading Music Magick :: Imogen Heap


Feedback Friday :: Self-Belief

pitches/proposals :: 4 (four cold pitches to magazine editors and absolutely the last I will ever make) responses :: 0 (natuurlijk) new jobs offered :: 4 (copywriting, man – that’s where it’s at) new jobs reneged upon :: 1 English lessons taught :: 3 hours of Dutch learning :: about 3. Duolingo continues to impress.… Continue reading Feedback Friday :: Self-Belief