My name is Karl Webster and this is my website. If it has an unfinished air about it, this is almost certainly due to the fact that it's not finished. There's still an awful lot to do. That banner's got to go for a start. And where are these goddamn guides?

Easy now. Pretty soon though, you will find fortnightly 'How to'-style guides as well as surprisingly regular film reviews, sadly seldom interviews with interesting people about important things and lots of stuff that excites me a great deal and therefore, you never know - you never, never know - may excite you too. There will also be a fortnightly newsletter that will feature personal words that will not appear anywhere else. You should sign up for that below. I'll be self-publishing a handful of books at some point too, so I'm growing a list. It's the done thing. And it makes sense. So do sign up, and I promise I'll do my best to make it a pleasurable experience. Because I love you. 

Everything split into manageable chunks

Amsterdam Life

I love Amsterdam with a passion and consider it my favourite city in the world. But the weather sucks balls so I may run away to Italy on January 31, 2018. In the meantime, I intend to get the most out of the city by doing something new every day and chronicling it here once  a week

Amsterdam Cinema

In Amsterdam, where I live, there is something called Cineville, which allows me - for a trifling €19 a month - to go to the cinema as much as I like. So I go a lot. And I write about it - not just the films but the whole experience. If you love films, Yul Brynner. Join me.​

The Blog

I've been keeping a blog for around 12 years, on and off, and you know what? I really enjoy it. In the past, I was always hoping it would turn into something else - now I do it entirely for my own pleasure, and of course, for yours. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Step inside...


Here's where I keep all the many (both) books that I've written that I'm actually proud of. One day I hope it'll be slightly more impressive. I have more that are completed (or on the very cusp of completion). I shall be publishing them myself soon. This is the build-up. Check it.

Hire Me

I do copywriting of the most top rank at The Best Words Online. I specialise in words for websites but I can write whatever you'd like me to write. I also translate Italian words into English and I sometimes teach the English language to foreigners and footballers. Read more.

The Guides

Maybe you already know how to complain, apologise, defeat the Nazis and get off an escalator. But do you know how to cure back pain, defeat sociopaths, defeat silverfish, fall in love and achieve immortality? Well, I do. Don't ask me how. Just say yes.

As featured in...

These are just a handful of some of the publications and media outlets in and on which I have been featured, no matter how tenuously. Displaying them in this ostentatious manner is called 'social proof' and it is most assuredly not the behaviour of a desperate man. Look! Grazia! Oh my god, the Daily Mail. 

Here is a random selection of posts from the past few years. Dip in...

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