Wild Cats

I’ve been writing something about the cats that hang around in Peckham. There’s a colony of 12-15,  mostly feral, not far from where I’m staying. I’ve been finding out about them. And taking a couple of photos. Look.


Standing guard in front of one of the makeshift shelters erected by local cat-lovers.

cat in a crate

Relaxing, or plotting, in another shelter.

fat cat

One problem the cats face is overfeeding at the hands of well-meaning locals. Look at the size of this one! It’s only six weeks old!

I’ve been talking to the lovely people at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust too. They look after the cats, all the cats, as many cats as they can, making sure they’re all neutered and healthy.

Here’s one – sorry, two – of the hundreds currently waiting to be homed in their Lewisham branch…

'Love me.'

‘Love me.’

If I had a home, I would fill it with cats.

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