Treading Water

Oh my. How the weeks skip by when you’re treading water. I’ve been waiting for money to arrive. It didn’t arrive – it hasn’t arrived rather, so I had to do a shameful thing. No. No, not that. Not yet. I’m saving that for Thailand. What I had to do was borrow £500 off of my mother. Or if you want the truth, another £500 off of my mother. I don’t know if you can imagine what that feels like. You probably can’t. If you’re anything like my age, you’re probably more used to treating your parents with the wealth that you’ve accumulated as a responsible adult, paying them back for the years that they supported you when you were still a child. Good God, I’m wretched.

No. I’m not. I will pay her back. You’ll see.

With the money I borrowed, I bought an InterRail ticket for 10 days travel anywhere in Europe. I have just over three weeks to use them. So, with that in mind, tomorrow I leave Bologna for Milan. Tomorrow night I’ll take an overnight train from Milan to Vienna. Then, a few short hours later, I’ll take another train to Krakow, where I will find out all I can about Eastern Europe’s foremost sea shanties festival. And Auschwitz of course. Because it has to be done. It feels like a duty. I have also been advised to take the Crazy Guides Communism tour, which, run by Crazy Mike, looks thoroughly excellent. And not remotely crazy. We shall see.

In case you missed it, I wrote up the first festival here. A man called Jesus allowed me to use his fantastic photos because I suffered an organisation failure and had very few of my own.

I can’t wait to get going again, I must say. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying, sporadically, to find other outlets for which to write. There are a couple of possibilities bubbling away, so I have my fingers crossed. I’m also hopeful that the more festivals I cover, and the more I write, the more attractive to potential editors, collaborators and sponsors it will all become.

Yeah? Yeah? Of course it will. Everything is going to be just dandy.

You’ll see.


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