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Michael Cera is brilliant as the actor Jesse Eisenberg who plays Mark Zuckerberg (Walt Baumbach in Juno), the high-functioning code-golem who filched the bones of the idea for Facebook from the Winklevoss twins, played with surprising restraint by a heavily pumped-up and prostheticised Jedward.

Aaron Sorkin’s script is – as they say – dazzling. Lots and lots and lots and lots of words, many of them very funny, all of them smart as a whip in a Harvard dungeon. Only one f-bomb though (‘fuck’, not ‘Facebook’) because this is a film about social networking and the 12-certificate demographic is vital. Unfortunately, as evidenced at the Peckham preview I attended last week, the younger they are, the less they tend to give a damn about words – presumably they expected that Zuckerberg would just be throwing sheep and poking them in 3D for an hour and a half – so in the end I had to throw a couple of f-bombs of my own to silence the little cunts.

David Fincher’s direction is pretty dazzling too – especially considering that most of the film consists of the eminently subhuman, irritatingly brilliant Zuckerberg hunched over a computer or smart-mouthing sociopathically in various scenes of in camera legal shenanigans.

The film rattles along primarily because it’s populated by unsmiling monsters and you can’t help but be fascinated by them, especially if you used to work for an internet start-up and met a lot of properly hideous scumbags cut from the same narcissistic, self-serving, rapacious cloth.

Timbaland is also very good as Google spiderman Sean Parker.

On the whole, splendid. In fact…


I would go that far.

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