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Notebook :: Sunday 27th February, 2011 :: Leaving Krakow

21:00. Train station waiting room. After Auschwitz, I picked up my rucksack from my host’s house and I made my way back to the centre. I went to a restaurant I’d been to yesterday because I knew they did fantastic soup and free wifi. The restaurant is called Chaczapuri by the way. It’s on Floriańska […]

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Spain :: Some of Us Are Looking At the Stars

I’m not sure exactly where I was but it was one of the places I rejected, so possibly in the churchyard, or possibly in the ruins of whatever that building used to be –  with the chunks of broken sink and the dogshit – or possibly on that strip of concrete, up against that white […]

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Lonely Planet :: It’s Only a Film

I wrote this yesterday afternoon:   I watched a great short film today by a man named Julian Rosefeldt. Lonely Planet was part of an exhibition at La Caixa called ‘The Cinema Effect: Illusion, Reality and the Moving Image’. I liked most of the exhibition but Rosefeldt’s film was my favourite. It followed an American-looking […]

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