Small Group of People Spread Large Lashings of Joy Across Europe

Earlier today I was reading more about TTIP prior to the national Day of Action in a couple of weeks’ time, and it’s depressing and terrifying stuff.

Then, with my frustration increasing, I was distracted by a video a friend had posted on Facebook of something called the Eye Contact With Strangers experiment. Here it is here…

Then I read a little more about the experiment here. Then I went to the website of the people behind the experiment – The Liberators and their founder, Peter Sharp – and had a look at some of the other things they do. Like this…

I find it all extremely exciting.

Also, remember this?

It’s beautifully illustrated in the next couple of videos…

Turns out they’re currently doing a crowd-funded tour of Europe, five capitals in five weeks, with dancing and hugging and communing and meditating and goodness knows what else. I feel mildly gutted that I’ve only just heard about them now and that I’m not in London tomorrow for the London Tube Party, or on Saturday for the Blind Trust mass hug-off or on Sunday for the final day workshop and tearful farewell.

I’m in Cornwall. Which has its own delights.

I’ll catch up with them sooner or later though, for sure.

First Cornwall.

Then a crack at those TTIP blighters.

Now this…



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