Roam Alone

Catania, 16:18, 25th July, 2013
I’m sitting on a balcony at a friend’s flat in the middle of Catania. The view from the balcony reminds me of Naples inasmuch as it’s a cat-burglar’s paradise. I could easily jump from this balcony to the roof below, shimmy across that railing like a koala, up onto that aircon box – like a meerkat – onto those tiles and through one of those windows at the back of Teatro Massimo, as the locals call it. Once inside the theatre, I suppose I could find a rail of old costumes and prance about in the dark, pretending for a while to be somebody else. Or I could turn on a light. But my point is, Catania feels very intimate, like Naples. I met a woman called Margherita in Naples. I kind of loved her. But she kind of loved someone else. So it goes.

A short while ago, a pigeon landed on the balcony. I christened her Priscilla and then, because she was threatening to go into my friend’s bedroom, I tossed her to a lower roof – gently – hoping she would fly off and be happy. She didn’t. She can’t fly. Now she’s down there, wondering what on earth to do with her life. Poor Priscilla. I kind of love her. But I don’t think she’s going to make it…

Morlupo, near Rome, 13:25, 27th July, 2013
I made it to Rome. Now I’m sitting in the living room of the apartment in which I’ll be living for the next 12 days or so. It’s 37 degrees outside. The apartment stinks of long-stale sweat. I worked for about four hours this morning, weeding. Here I am marvelling at a giant cabbage. I am – appropriately – out of focus. In fact, I would go so far as to say I look positively super-imposed. Maybe I am. Maybe that’s the problem…

Che cavolo!

Che cavolo!

So far the whole WWOOFing experience has not really been that which I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s mostly fun – although mostly might be pushing it – and even when it isn’t fun, it’s fascinating. What I’m finding though, and this is what I really didn’t expect, is that I frequently feel rather lonely. Thinking about it, I’m not sure why I didn’t expect it, as it’s been a recurring theme in my travels throughout my life. When I haven’t been in a relationship, I mean. And occasionally when I have. It’s like, all roads lead here…

15:15, 29th July, 2013
I just fell into reading about the last time I was in Rome, alone. Even though I was prancing around in the dark pretending to be someone else at the time, it really is amazing how little has changed.

Fuck it. Here’s to the future…

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