Questival Update :: Divine Intervention (67 Days)

Life without the ready access to the internet attached to a decent-sized keyboard is tough. Nigh on impossible in fact. Someone had better give me an iPad before January 31st, or there’ll be trouble.

Right, quick update before I set off for this weekend’s Buddhist retreat. Or – if you like – now and Zen. Eh? No? Suit yourself.

There’s actually not that much to report sadly. The battle of the brands is proving a tough nut to crack. Virgin and Red Bull, for example, are proving awfully taciturn. But then even close personal friends have stopped returning emails. That’s right, Pip, I mean you. It’s got to the point where, if I wasn’t actually in the midst of a gargantuan emotional breakdown, I might be seriously thinking about giving up now. Phew.

There has been some good news, however. Kickstarter, the crowd-funding people, have accepted my project, and Matthew Carrozo, the emerging filmmaker, has accepted my plea to help me make a video. So on Monday I’ll be filmed making a further plea for funds, which I’ll then send to Kickstarter. Once that’s online, the very excellent Jared at Joobili is going to set up something similar on his website.

Then… well, then we see.

I costed the journey by the way, and I reckon, as it stands at the moment, without Richard Branson stepping in to help out, I need to find £48,000 – let’s call it £50,000. Although that’s quite a lot of money, it is pretty much exactly the figure I’d originally estimated so I’m not discouraged. Much. There will be a redoubling of efforts come Monday.

But for now, Buddhism.

Very shortly I’ll be setting out for Walsham le Willows, which sounds to me vaguely Satanic. That’s probably just the ‘le’, however, reminding me of Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan. I suppose it could equally remind me of Danny La Rue. But it doesn’t.

Anyhow, what I’m hoping is that this weekend will put me a little closer to the divine within, and that the divine within will have some good ideas about where I can get fifty grand. Wish me luck. Ooh, there are lows of minus four forecast for the weekend, and snow. The mortal within is very pleased I brought an extra sleeping bag.

Have a good weekend yourself, whatever it is you’re up to. Here’s a smiling Buddha to help you on your way.



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