Questival Update :: Aaaaaarrrrgggghhh! (3 Days)

Right. Tax is gone to pot. Four jobs I worked that year, all for less than eight grand. Something better change. Four forms! And never a job at the top of them. Balls to it. I’ll finish it on Sunday.

I spent three hours making a film of me shaving myself today. Just my face mind. Nothing freaky. I’m saving the freaky stuff for the Judy Garland Festival. More to follow.

This is really just to say that I am finally beginning to get excited. Sorry, not excited. Panicky. Blind with panic. And also this: COLLECTIVE EFFERVESCENCE is up and running. Destined to win next year’s Catchiest Website Name award at the made-up awards I’ll be making up and winning every award at. Anyway, add it to your feeds, why don’t you? If you can.

Right, London now to get drunk.


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