Questival Update (82 Days)

I figure I should keep a daily (or thereabouts) record of where I am with the project, what progress I’ve made, failed to make or what have you.

So, yesterday at 3pm, I told the internet about my desire to travel the world visiting festivals and writing about the people I meet as I go. And the internet was almost unanimously encouraging and supportive. Which was heartening.

Furthermore, in terms of actual help, I have thus far received:


  • 3 people offering to write something about the project
  • 1 introduction to a PR lady who handles a number of international music festivals
  • numerous suggestions for funding
  • numerous suggestions for new festivals
  • 1 promise of an inspirational story
  • 1 promise of a contact at a festival in Malawi I’d never heard of
  • 1 offer of the use of a holiday home in Crete


It was the last one that really moved me. Humans can be staggeringly kind to other humans they’ve never even met and it really is the most wonderful thing.

So it’s a good start. I’m pleased. But I suddenly feel I’ve got an awful lot to do and I’m starting to feel a little out of my depth. I need to write some letters. And I will be posting the first part of the itinerary later today.

As always, any thoughts, help, advice, warnings, do let me know.



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