Questival Quandary (74 Days)

Things are going well. Yesterday was excellent. Not only was there a small thrum of emails from some excellent people which were sweetly positive and made my gut glow with dreams, but also, to set the ball proper trundling, I’ve been granted access to ten European festivals, including the Berlin Festival, Exit Festival in Serbia, Castlepalooza in Tullamore and the Spirit of Burgas. Burgas is in Bulgaria apparently, and it looks like this…



At the moment, however, I’m slightly stuck trying to figure out what I should offer to potential investors on a ‘crowdfunding’ website called Kickstarter. Essentially, you outline your project, and then you offer rewards for would-be benefactors. I’ve been working on my rewards. So far I’ve got:

  • copies of Sexy Beast, signed and highly personalised by the author
  • copies of How To Be Free :: A Year In Search of Collective Effervescence – or whatever it ends up being called – signed and highly personalised copies by the author
  • an acknowledgment in How To Be Free
  • an acknowledgment in a copy of How To Be Free which has also been signed and highly personalised by the author
  • the actual dedication in How To Be Free – this would be a one-off, and might not come cheap (signing and high-level personalisation thrown in)

This sadly, is where I start to dry up a bit. What about…

  • an official programme from every festival I visit?
  • the bracelet from every festival that issues them? (I don’t know – some people are into that kind of thing) People like me.

The investors at Kickstarter seem more like collaborators – they want to feel involved. Someone suggested I offer the reward of joining me at one of the events and hanging out with me. But I felt that that would make me into a repugnant blithering egomaniac. Or is that how I have to think now that I’m putting myself up for sale? No, I can’t.

So. If you have any other ideas of what I could give, please let me know.


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