Questival Update (81 Days)

The excitement of the last couple of days has died down. I’ve spent the day writing emails to people and joining forums and generally trying to get the word out, but I’m slightly flustered. My focus has gone fuzzy. Things – as in offers and suggestions – have slowed down, whereas time seems to have speeded up. Today flew by like a poorly aimed orange. And the plumber didn’t come to put the kitchen sink in. I’m livid. Imagine the drama when he finally does arrive.

Also today I was offered some work sub-editing on a magazine that I actually quite like at the beginning of February. I don’t like saying no to things, so for a second I was tempted. Then I pulled myself together and politely declined. It felt like a defining moment. Like I was saying to the universe, ‘Yes. That’s right. No matter what happens, I am definitely leaving this country on January 31st.’ And it was good.

One thing from last night: I asked Twitter if anyone knew anything about the No Mind Festival in Sweden, and an hour or so later, a chap who works there got in touch. Makes you think. What on earth did we do before the internet?

This is the No Mind festival here – what do you reckon?




I reckon it’s right up my alley.

Keep hope alive.



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