[SNED] Coffee With a Stranger at the Podium Mozaïek

Someone who had been reading my recent posts sent me an email asking if I'd consider coffee with a stranger as one of my new things.

And so it was that on Monday I met Ingrid at the Podium Mozaïek on Bos en Lommerweg in Oud West.


Ingrid is almost exactly the same age as me — one day younger — and has had a similarly untethered life, drifting hither and thither and following her whims and fancies like a leaf on a breeze. She reminded me — and occasionally I do need reminding — that my life is a great glorious blessing and that if I had to wake up every day and commute to work somewhere, I would be utterly miserable. She also told me about her experiences as a house-sitter.

House-sitting is something I'd been looking into just a couple of weeks ago, when I first started to wonder if maybe Holland was not the place. And now a woman turns up off the internet and tells me how she's been doing it for the past four years and has even been making some money out of it. Could this be a sign?


I'm not looking for signs at the moment. Therefore there are none. I'm looking for new experiences. I'm looking for Amsterdam. 

Speaking of which, the Podium Mozaïek is a pretty cool place to meet and eat. They don't have oat milk, which is a shame, but the soya milk wasn't so bad and their chips are not fried in the same oil as their meat, so they certainly beat out Café Lennep for vegan options. They actually had a few options in total and were willing to modify existing dishes, leaving out certain items on request, which not everyone is (Café Lennep). Plus their staff were charming and by Dutch standards, extremely attentive.

The building itself is apparently an old church, although it also has something of a mosquey feel. There's loads of seating inside and out, a fairly active calendar of events and apparently, the Turkish breakfast is to die for. Which is to say, it's good. And will not kill you.

Featured photo is not from Mozaïek but rather a generic cup of coffee taken by Mikesh Kaos.

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