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I was recently approached by one of the esteemed publications in the title of this humble blog post and asked if I’d like to be interviewed. Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

Now, there is a small chance that if you don’t live in France, you haven’t heard of etcetera magazine.

Not to worry.

But just to give you a tiny idea of the kind of magazine it is, let me tell you, it has a columnist called Reg who writes about French film stars he’d like to diddle. It has another called Mr Tickle who – sadly – isn’t as much fun as he sounds. His column concerns itself with European politics and has all the joie de vivre of a rectal biopsy. It has other columnists too, who, although they may not be trained or experienced journalists, do at least live in France. You can’t take that away from them. It also has advertisements for local services and useful tips, such as how to most effectively clean your oven.

The production values are not great, if I can say that without sounding disparaging. I don’t want to sound disparaging. They are all fine people expressing themselves as best they can and I say good luck to them.

Also, they’ll interview anyone. Look…

Thanks, Gayle!

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