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This young woman’s name is Jae West. The story of why she took off most of her clothes and stood blindfolded in Piccadilly Circus last week is told here.

Here is an excerpt:

Body image and self-acceptance is something that I have always been passionate about endorsing after experiencing an eating disorder myself through high school and my early 20’s … One night I was watching Amanda Palmer’s TED talk ‘The Art of Asking’ and was truly inspired by her vulnerability and courage. She described how she had stripped naked to allow her fans to draw and write anything they wanted on her.

That night as I was going to bed, the idea of linking the vulnerability of nudity with self-esteem issues in a public setting came to mind. Just the thought of looking down at my body and seeing it covered in love hearts from other people brought tears to my eyes.

Mine too. Here is the video:


Many of the comments beneath the YouTube video show quite clearly that a lot of people don’t get it. They show that a lot of people are so terrified of being open about their own fears and anxieties that they become wholly overpowered and transformed by them. They show a lot of apparently self-centred, shortsighted, cynical, hateful people, properly overwhelmed by their own venom. Sometimes I think I really oughtn’t read YouTube comments. But then I think it’s probably good to know what we’re up against. And it’s good to eventually rise above the sadness they create.

There you go.

I’ve risen above it.

I find the film very moving. I guess it’s a combination of the young woman’s vulnerability – highlighting everyone’s vulnerability – and the reaction of the public to that vulnerability. Really, it’s all about love. As she puts it herself:

If everyone could know and appreciate how beautiful they are from childhood, I think this world would be a very different place.

There it is. Everybody is beautiful. Inside and out.



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