So I've started having nightmares. Just two so far but two is two too many when you've swallowed all your teeth and you've started killing children. I know why I'm having nightmares too. It's because:

a) I'm having a growth spurt — OK when you're 15, not so great when you're nearly 50. Actually, it's not a growth spurt. That would imply that I'm getting taller. I'm not getting taller. I'm getting older. But rapidly. Like an apple in a crypt.

b) I'm not working hard enough. Hence my lack of progress with this here website.

I have therefore — as of this week — stopped smoking weed. Sadly.

I'm afraid it was necessary.

It's not that weed stopped me doing things, not exactly, but it stopped me doing the right things, and it stopped me focusing.

And I really need to focus now.

Miserable, huh?

Part of me feels that it is indeed miserable. But part of me knows that it doesn't have to be.

It's time to focus on what I really care about.

So I'm focusing all of my energies and rejigging all of my focus.

I've started running. It's far from pleasant, but again, it's necessary. I've started practising Vipassana meditation again too. 

I need some new habits, you see, to replace the old ones.

I'm only two days into this new world of focus, but I know it's what I need to do.

For there are things I would like to achieve.

And it's getting terribly late.


Screaming cat from here. Hello by the way. I hope you are well. 

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