Moonlight, Magic & Macabre :: Three Reasons to Be Grateful for Dominique Christina

This is for anyone who hasn’t seen it before, and for anyone who has. It’s for anyone with daughters, anyone with sisters, and anyone with a mother. It’s for anyone with a girlfriend and anyone with a wife; it’s for anyone with a boyfriend, a husband, sons, brothers and of course, a father.  It’s for anyone who doesn’t brand him or herself a feminist for any reason he or she has concocted in his or her so-called mind. It’s for anyone blessed with a menstrual cycle and for anyone not so blessed. It’s for anyone who appreciates poetry, for anyone who appreciates performance, and for anyone who appreciates people and all of the passionate, heart-breaking, heart-repairing things that they can do.

It’s also for the 58 people who thumbed it down on YouTube. You really need to switch on your hearts and your minds and to switch off whatever it is that is making you so afraid and so unconnected, and you need to watch it again.

And if this is the first time you are witnessing this miracle of verbal dexterity and mental dexterity and artistic achievement, please share it with the rest of the people in your life. Because they deserve it too.


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