[SNED] The Martin Scorsese Exhibition, The Eye Filmmuseum

Even though I kind of turned against him after The Age of Innocence in 1992, Martin Scorsese will always have a special place in my heart. My relationship with him began when, as a sad and sensitive teen, I found myself empathising perhaps rather too strongly with Travis Bickle. Then I watched everything else he'd done and ended up writing a dissertation at university about American misfits in Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and King of Comedy. Even more importantly, an early infatuation with the Italian-American culture in many of Scorsese's films is probably what made me choose to go live in Italy in 2000. America obviously, was out of the question. (Because Americans.) (No offence.)

So on Tuesday I took in the Martin Scorsese Exhibition at the Eye film Museum in the north of the city. And it is excellent. Everything about it is excellent, even the marketing. Check out the Scorsese ferry...

scorsese exhibition

In the exhibition, there are ten or more screens showing scenes from all of his films. Short films like Italianamerican and The Big Shave are played on a loop. There are photographs and storyboards and props from his films, including the letter from Iris's parents and the card Travis sends to his parents in Taxi Driver. There are listening posts with excerpts from Scorsese interviews illustrated by photos and knick-knacks from his parents' home. There are also bits and pieces from his private collection of movie memorabilia, including the red shoes. You know, the red shoes.

On the whole, for movie-buffs in general and anyone with even a passing interest in Martin Scorsese, it's a pretty unmissable exhibition. I even plan to return before it's over, this time with my reading glasses. 

Here, I made a super-amateurish short film to give you a better idea.

Now go home and get your fuckin' shine box. 

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