Madrid: Some Pictures

I really wish it was warmer.



This man arrived at the fountain, put his bag on the ground and just watched it, like it was special in some way. It was a fine moment. I grabbed it.


This is the main square in Madrid – Plaza Mayor. There is lots of lovely architecture, but I have to say, I am more drawn to the hobos.


I was pretending to care about the architecture but I think this guy saw through me. Which makes a change.


Tired feet are like red wine. Fact.


I liked this man’s face. So I took it. I don’t think he was a hobo though.


There are lots of people pretending to be sculptures in Madrid. This guy was the best I saw. So good was he that I gave him five euros. It was only four hours later I realised my mistake.


I don’t really know. A¬†comment of some kind on the sex industry.¬†

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