Le Gite Fantastique!

I’m in France. Since last we communed, I spent a few more weeks in Mansfield, caring caring caring – and I do care – then I came back to France, not to sit in the shack counting mice and singing sweetly, but to work alongside Simon and Lucy (formerly Cyrus and Ruby), helping them turn their beautiful farmhouse home into a fantastic, super-rentable gite.

And it’s proving itself an epic summer thus far. I’m in good shape. I kept up with the fitness jag while I was in England and I’ve been working like a wizard since I arrived here. Consequently I’ve lost more than two stone. So that’s good. Less good is the fact that my back is still knackered. But I did see a couple of physiotherapists while I was in England and I have a regimen of exercises that is helping. I also saw doctors and dentists and eye-doctors while I was in England, as I’m finally starting to realise that taking care of myself is not in fact a complete waste of time. It’s the exact opposite. That’s something I have learned. Took me a while, but … I got there.

So I’m looking after myself, and I’m working and I’m playing – we got the electric guitar set up in the Fun & Games Barn yesterday – look…

But the only writing I’m doing is for the site we’ve set up for Le Gite Fantastique! Which means the five books I wanted to write and self-publish by the end of the year have turned to three. And why not? I’m as fickle as I am free.

So, part of my work here is taking care of the online stuff. Thus far a website, a Twitter feed and a Facebook page. Ultimately, the primary concern of the website will of course be the booking of holidays. For now, however, we’re concentrating on establishing the personality of the place. This means lots of blog posts about the people themselves, the stuff that’s happening now and all the stuff that’s happened in the past two years, since they moved in, before one of them even existed.

This one…

So my own life for the moment has become kind of melded to the life of this place, which is so wonderfully hectic that frankly, I need more words.

And they are here. Please pay a visit. Maybe like the Facebook page. I’m not really sure what that means but I know I want it. Weird. A comment would be lovely too. The lack of interaction inherent in a brand new venture is a tough nut to crack. If you’ve a mind to, help me crack it.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer.


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