‘It Ain’t Complicated…’ :: An Interview With Russell Brand

This is, I believe, the most exciting interview I have ever seen. I know we tend to only really admire the people with whom we agree, and that is certainly the case here. There’s no doubt that the reason this interview excited and moved me as much as it did was because I do agree wholeheartedly with everything that Russell Brand says in it, and I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone express these opinions so passionately, so eloquently and so uncompromisingly.

If you haven’t seen it, and you feel like you need a little lift, a litte tiramisu, a little reminder of the interconnectivity of all consciousness and the ultimate futility of greed and profit and separateness, then you could do a lot worse than watch this interview. Plus, it is very funny. He’s like Chomsky with cussing, jokes and shiny trainers.

I hope you are well.

We’ll speak of more trivial things soon, I’m sure.


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