I Am In Vienna

But only for five hours in total. At 13:33 I catch a train to Warsaw. But I get off at Katowice and 23 minutes later catch a train to Krakow.

So, five hours in Vienna. What to do. I don’t really know anything about Vienna. My associations are mostly based on English culture references. The Ultravox song. The sugary whirl. Rigsby’s cat. The Ringo Starr album. None of these things are really of much use. So the first thing I did was to look at the tube map for inspiration. And there it was.

I am in Karlsplatz.

And it looks like a good choice because there are lots of spectacular art galleries scattered about the place. Unfortunately it’s freezing outside and I really wanted to catch up on my emails and, if I’m honest, I really wanted to write a blog post entitled ‘I Am In Vienna’, because it might never happen again.

Now, before I brave the bitter cold again and have an hour or so of sightseeing before Poland, here are a couple of photographs of Bologna…

This was in Bologna’s main square a week or two ago. This man was very peeved at the state of Italian politics – at the state of Italy in general actually – so he took his plastic stool to the square and had his say. It was rather encouraging that lots of people gathered to listen and debate with him. After all, if ever a country was in need of a political coup, it’s Italy. Maybe this is how it starts. Or maybe this is how it starts…

Or maybe not.

This apparently, is a tribute to Bologna’s truck drivers. It’s also one of the best pieces of public sculpture I’ve ever seen. Isn’t it grand?

He even has his own website.

Now I must go explore.



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