Giving and Receiving Fiercely :: Three Reasons to Be Grateful For Amanda Palmer


Those of you who know Amanda Palmer won’t need reminding of the good work she does just by living her life so passionately and creatively. But what the hell. You can be reminded anyway.

I just came across her TED talk for the first time a couple of days ago, so I thought I’d put it here, along with another two examples of her work that have moved me deeply in the past.

First, the TED talk, entitled The Art of Asking, in which she discusses the relationship between artist and fan and offers alternative models to the traditional ones touted by record companies and publishers and other erstwhile facilitators, agents, bloodsuckers, whatever you want to call them…


Second, her response to a prurient article in the Daily Mail – a review of her performance at Glastonbury that totally failed to mention her performance at Glastonbury. Instead the unnamed journalist focussed solely on the fact that one of her breasts had become visible as she performed…


Third, everything she wrote about bullying on the internet on her website in January 2013. It starts here and if you haven’t already read it, find something to wipe your face on and read it now…



And when you’ve stopped weeping and cheering and weeping again, have a splendid day.

Spring is coming!


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