Feedback Friday :: What a Time to Be Alive!

pitches/proposals :: 13
positive responses :: 3
English lessons taught :: 4
hours of Dutch learning :: 4 or 5 I guess. It’s not massively structured, but it’s a great pleasure. And I’m not counting the hour or so it took me to make this completely pointless but for me enormously fun thing.
physical exercise :: none whatsoever. Plus I ate a lot of chocolate. I’m a disgrace. I feel like a medium-sized bowl of aardappelpuree.
metaphysical exercise :: four micro-sessions of meditation. Although it’s a pitifully small amount of time, it’s becoming easier, which feels like progress.
week 12/52 overall rating :: 8/10. Not bad. Full of promise.

space_dreamI am alive and – probably – will not die for a while….

Monday went astray. I blame Christ.

Tuesday I looked for new jobs, learned some more stuff and did some teaching.

Wednesday I went on London’s first Bike Train and wrote about it for Londonist.

Thursday I looked for new jobs, sent off lots of proposals and got one very positive response, about which I feel optimistic. Then I did some teaching.

This morning I looked for jobs again. Now I’m writing this.

Next, I have a couple of interviews I need to write up. Aside from that, however, I’m now concentrating all my efforts on finding interesting work and making money. (With which to do interesting things.) (Obviously.)


Last night I had a dream.

In the dream I was in some kind of spacecraft floating through space. It was a small craft that I shared with two other people. We each had our own beds. And all three of us knew that something had gone wrong and very soon we would all be dead. 

One of the other two people onboard was a woman. I invited her to my bed. Not for last-gasp, life-affirming sex, but more so that we could both feel less alone as we died.

However, when she joined me in my bed, we both instantly became aware of the intense cold. Plus my sheets were wet. It was very unpleasant.

The next thing I knew, we had landed somewhere. When we left the spacecraft, we discovered that we had landed back on Earth, and that we were going to be OK.

At which point I woke up, smiling. I was very happy.

I was alive.

I was alive and – probably – would not die for a while.

In the dream, I knew I only had an hour or so left. Instead, here I was – fingers crossed – with decades.

I really was incredibly happy. I could hardly believe it.

Alive! I thought.  I’m actually alive!

I looked at my Kindle to check the time. It was only 2.30am.

Dutch words came into my head.

I laughed and went back to sleep.

Life is glorious.

Watch this…

God, I love her. And him. But mostly her.

Have a great weekend.


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