Feedback Friday Wednesday :: Time Flies

work completed :: till when? Friday or today? You see what happens when a good routine is treated badly? Let’s say Friday :: 8 copywriting jobs (one relative whopper) / 3.5 hours of teaching
homes found :: 1
hours of Dutch learning :: 0. It’s the calm before the storm.
books being read :: 0
physical exercise :: none. Actually less than none. I did minus twenty physical exercise this week.
metaphysical exercise :: none
routine adhesion :: an accidental 15%
consecutive days spent in Holland :: 16
money owed to Donald Trump :: none
week 23/52 overall rating :: 9/10

I found a house! A lovely flaky creaky old house, packed to the rafters with dusty old things – endless unusual paintings, an old guitar, a shelf full of old children’s books (by which I mean old books, for young children, and for me).

The house came via a friend in London who read my open letter to the good people of Amsterdam, and passed it on to a friend of hers, who is one (by which I mean a good person of Amsterdam). I’ll be moving in on July 7th.

It’s almost as if my eagerly anticipated guides, How to Find Somewhere to Live in Amsterdam and How to Make s Great New Life in a Brand New City, are writing themselves.

But not quite.

And I should say, it’s not all plain sailing. The room in the lovely flaky creaky old house is only available for around two months, and is not actually available for another three weeks. The place I’m staying in now (now being fake Friday), I only have till Tuesday, so that means I have four days to find somewhere for 17 days. And as it’s only about £120 to return to England for that period, I could actually find myself back in Nottingham next week. (I didn’t.)

Anyway, whatever happens, I’m falling in love with this city. And I know it might sound silly, or slightly presumptuous – maybe even impertinent or arrogant, but I think the city is falling love with me too. That does sounds silly. What I mean is that because my attitude is good, the city is yielding all sorts of delights to me on a daily basis. But you know, I’m not being complacent. I’m just counting my blessings. For I am blessed.

And next week on my way to my third address in three weeks, I will ride my first Dutch bike with coaster brakes – which means you have to cycle backwards to stop. It will be quite hairy, but I will be fine.

Now I must work.



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