Feedback Friday :: Voodoo Warrior

editors pitched :: 0
commissions :: 0
ongoing commissions/projects :: 5
weeks without milk :: 4
cows rescued :: 12
films watched :: 9
weight to shed :: 17 pounds
physical exercise :: none
metaphysical exercise :: none
major distractions :: I don’t know. What is a distraction? When is a distraction not a distraction? Let’s agree I lack focus.
week 6/52 overall rating :: 6/10

So, I’ve got a few things going on, you see, and they’re filling up my days without me even trying, and teaching starts up again next week and there’s more gardening on the horizon but I have plans in place, plans for which I must make time.

I need time to train myself. I need to become a voodoo warrior. Yeah. You heard me. A voodoo warrior. Where money is dark magic, and war is focus. Are you feeling me? Are you feeling my ass? I’m not making it easy, I know, but I’m enjoying myself. Why be burdened by constant clarity? Sometimes there’s joy in an unbuttered parsnip.

What else?

I saw Deadpool last night. It’s a Marvel film.


In the end credits there is an animated stick version of Deadpool (the eponymous superhero) masturbating a unicorn’s horn until it ejaculates rainbows. That’s the whole film right there. A dick joke for every occasion. It’s great for teenage boys, as was evidenced by the whoopin’ and the hollerin’ of fellow audience members, but it’s by no means sophisticated. Occasionally funny but mostly rather wearing, and wearying, which is a pity because it could have been great. It’s a sterling set-up – unpleasant man becomes mildly disfigured superhero. And yeah, yeah, the effects. But where does it go? And must he really be so incessantly glib?


Go see Room again.

Nothing else. But I got this in the post…


…and I want in.

Nothing else. Got to get on. Sit tight, progress fans.

Enjoy your weekend.



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