Feedback Friday :: Victoria

pitches/proposals :: 1
responses to pitches/proposals:: 4
jobs from nowhere :: 1
jobs completed :: 5 copywriting jobs, 1 script-editing/proofreading job
jobs turned down :: 4
English lessons taught :: 4 (iTalki has kicked in)
hours of Dutch learning :: 1 (I have been busy)
books being read :: 2 (Same two as four weeks ago. I need to make a proper routine, with reading time built into it. I feel like I’m missing out.)
physical exercise :: None. (It’s fine. I’ve got plans. You’ll see.)
metaphysical exercise :: None.
routine adhesion :: 65%
days left to Amsterdam :: 25
week 17/52 overall rating :: 9.5/10. Excellent. Great time with family, plus lots of mostly enjoyable work, some fairly lucrative. The only thing missing from this week – and indeed my life in general at the moment – is romance. (That’s a horrible word, isn’t it. Love doesn’t cover it though. Love is everywhere. What about lady-love? There it is. Lady-love.) And I do miss it, but I’m also being patient and focusing on other things for now. (Not that focusing on finding someone to love would make it any easier to achieve, but obviously it’s less painful when it’s not on your mind constantly.) Someone will turn up sooner or later, but even if they don’t, I have nothing to complain about. 


So. Week 17. I was in Nottingham till Tuesday and had a lovely time with my sisters and mum. I felt quite emotional saying goodbye to my mum, but as is the way in our family, I kept it well-hidden. She’s on great form at the moment and apart from her rheumatism, is pretty pain-free, but because I’m going away again I guess, I can’t help worrying. You know, she’s in her 80s.

But of course, there’s no point worrying. No point at all. I keep thinking, please let her stay alive at least a few more years, because I think there’s a good chance of me making some proper money within a couple of years and then I can do things for her that I can’t do now. But of course, it’s all nonsense. I might die myself at any moment – my death is just as likely as hers. And she doesn’t want anything from me but my happiness, and the occasional call and visit. So I’m being silly.

But still.

I got lots of work this week, one job in particular that just turned up from nowhere and was actually a great pleasure to do and was even very well paid. More of those, please, universe.

What else? 
Last night I saw Victoria at the Peckhamplex (which I shall miss, despite its extraordinarily shambolic approach to customer service) and I thought it was incredible. Absolutely like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Victoria is the story of a young Spanish woman in Berlin who meets and gets involved with a bunch of dodgy blokes coming out of a club in the middle of the night. 
One of the things that makes it so breathtaking is that it was shot in one take – almost two and a half hours of action in one take, and it’s done brilliantly – never better, surprisingly, than when nothing much is happening. There are a couple of things that, in my most humble, didn’t quite work, but mostly it’s spell-binding and horrifically tense. 
One of the other things that makes it so breathtaking is that it has wholly believable, super-realistic performances and, most importantly, really likeable characters – even when they’re lying and doing very bad things, they still manage to come across as largely likeable. At least I found them so. And – best of all – Laia Costa is astonishing. Hers is a phenomenal performance, and I love her character – there is an enormously powerful scene in a cafe that changes everything you feel about her, and it made me totally fall in love with her. 
There’s a great interview with Laia Costa here, but it contains lots of spoilers. If you get the opportunity – and it’s on iTunes apparently – be sure to see it without knowing anything. Seriously. Don’t even read the poster. (And definitely don’t watch the trailer.)
What else?
Nothing else. 
Twenty-five days to Amsterdam. 
This weekend: old friend tomorrow night, bit of work Sunday, hopefully some new shorts and a bag. 

And you? Come on now. Don’t be shy.



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