Feedback Friday :: Things Fall Apart

work completed :: 9 copywriting jobs / 3 hours of teaching
approximate number of hours spent learning Dutch :: 3
grammar books purchased :: 1 (201 Dutch Verbs)
approximate number of hours spent on new copywriting company :: 5
physical gym visits :: 1
metaphysical gym visits :: 14
couchsurfers hosted :: 2
dates :: 1
cinema visits :: 1 (Het Ketelhuis – a glorious place)
museum visits :: 1 (Van Gogh – beautiful and sad)
bikes easy gone :: 1
bikes easy come :: 1
biscuits eaten :: two packs
plants kept alive :: 6
money owed to Donald Trump :: none
routine adhesion :: 40%. I blame the guests – I started hosting couchsurfers and hosting is quite time-consuming. But of course I can’t really blame anyone but myself. I’m going to just have to be more disciplined and less damn sociable. Pfffft.
week 42/52 overall rating :: 9. 

OK, I have to keep this as brief as I can, because I’ve got to get on and earn some money. Or go the cinema. The cinema is suddenly a constant temptation. This is because on Wednesday night, I finally managed to get a Cinecard. This is the one that for €19 a month I can see anything I like at something like twelve of the best independent cinemas in Amsterdam. I went to my first last night, a French film I knew nothing about, L’Economie du Couple. A French film with Dutch subtitles. My French is not good. My Dutch is a disgrace. But together I managed to scrape together a decent understanding of the film. It was very sad.

As for work, the regular copywriting I’ve been doing for the same agency since March has slowed down since I moved into this apartment. I haven’t earned enough to pay the rent in either of the past two months. In fact, I’ve earned only a little over half that. But am I worried? Nah, not really. Everything is going to be fine. 

With regard to work, I have also run into the first major hurdle with my websites, and I’ve realised that basically, I need to get away from WordPress hosting and do everything by myself, or with the help of these guys for another €19 a month. Anyway, it’s all in hand. Don’t concern yourself. 

I have been very lax this week though. Instead of five times, for example, I went to the gym only once. That’s no way to get buff. My routine has fallen apart in fact. I am a little disappointed in myself. But not too much. 

Speaking of falling apart, my bike had a nervous breakdown yesterday. The left pedal came loose and eventually fell off. I had it looked at and was told (by two separate bike-men) it would cost another €80 to have it fixed, so instead I wrote it off and paid someone else €185 for a new second-hand bike that totally works and is under guarantee and has a silver frame and a dynamo. I’ll show you a picture when I have a second. You’ll enjoy that.

But for now, we’re done. Hang on in there. Things are going to change round here pretty soon, and you’re going to be impressed. I know it.

As for now, go your merry way. Enjoy yourself. I’m off to watch Florence Foster Jenkins. Yolo.


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