Feedback Friday Sunday :: Soft in the Middle

work completed :: 4 copywriting jobs (1 whopper) / 1 hour of teaching
hours of Dutch learning :: 4ish (poor start)
cycling accidents :: 1. I got my front wheel stuck in a tram line – classic – and clattered to the ground on my left knee. I wasn’t particularly hurt though, and there was something balletic about my landing. I was quite pleased with it. I awarded myself a 6.
physical exercise :: three tennis sessions, quite a lot of cycling, much of it heavily laden
metaphysical exercise :: none
weight lost :: 5.5 lbs. More than this was lost in the first three days of the week when basically, I starved myself. Starvation is easy, and obviously ill-advised. I have since joined a gym.
routine adhesion :: 15%
money owed to Donald Trump :: none
consecutive days spent in Holland :: 37
week 27/52 overall rating :: 9/10

This week’s late edition of Feedback Friday is dedicated to Fletcher Horobin-Whorley. Not only does Fletcher have a name like a child’s toy from the 1900s, he also runs a landscape gardening business called Chauncey Gardens. When I worked for him for a few months last year, he used to take great pleasure in giving me jobs that required that I get down on the ground. Then when I was getting on with the job, he would creep up behind me, say my name and when I turned my head, he would take my photograph.



Then he would post the picture to Facebook with the caption: ‘Lying down on the job again.’

He’s a real wag is Fletcher. He also claims to have missed this week’s regular feedback post when it failed to appear at its usual time. So this is for him.

Hey, Fletcher. How’s it going? Yeah? Great, great. Hush now. It’s not all about you.

Well, what a week it’s been. If you’ll recall, I was on a train to a party outside of Amsterdam last time we spoke. Well, it turned into a doozy of a do, where I met lots of weird and wonderful people and made – I hope – a few more friends for life. People, eh? Good old people. When they’re not screaming or lashing out or killing one another, they really are excellent. You know what I mean, Fletch. You’re a people person. Deep down.

So this week has seen a cavalcade of interesting things. There have been both incidents and accidents, and hints and allegations. I have been overjoyed frequently, proud at times, at others slightly sad and on at least one occasion, rather rueful. I have also moved house twice and played tennis three times. Plus, I left my fake cigarette in Alkmaar but, despite the relative emotion of the week, I didn’t even miss it.

As you may recall, I started my 62 Days to Learn Dutch and Lose Two Stone experiment last Friday. My first step, having pigged out for months, was pretty much to starve myself for three days. Consequently, I lost half a stone. From the reading I have done, I have discovered that this:

a) is very unhealthy

b) was probably mostly water

c) will most probably not stay off

But I also discovered that there are weight loss techniques that incorporate fasting days. I’m looking into this. I like a fast. More importantly, I joined a gym yesterday and intend to attend extremely frequently. I’ve also just drawn up a daily routine for the next seven weeks that incorporates early rising and afternoon naps. All I need to do now is pull some discipline out of the bag and we’re away.

Or in the words of SN Goenka, if I work diligently and ardently, I am sure to succeed.

Have a great week, Fletcher. And anyone else who happens to have dropped by. Now Gym-time for me. 



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