Feedback Friday :: Summer in Amsterdam

work completed :: 1 script rewrite / 15 copywriting jobs / 1 hour of teaching
hours of Dutch learning :: 2 ish (but lots of osmosis – listening intently in gym changing rooms, that kind of thing)
physical exercise :: 5 gym visits, a couple of hours of cycling, a couple of hours of swimming
metaphysical exercise :: none
weight lost :: about 4 or 5 lbs. It’s going well. I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll meet my target.
routine adhesion :: 75%
money owed to Donald Trump :: none
consecutive days spent in Holland :: 51
week 29/52 overall rating :: 9.5/10

An excellent week filled with great work and great fun – although some of the work was not as well paid as I’d previously (and foolishly) imagined, and some of the fun came with some dangerous pain. Most exciting of all though … SUMMER!

Everyone said it never really got hot here so when the sun came out – even though I was taking full advantage of it by swimming extraordinarily gracefully in the Amstel…


…and even though the sun felt pretty much as hot as it does anywhere else on the planet, I somehow thought, “Nah, I’ll be fine. It’s Amsterdam! The sun has no power here!”

I didn’t think that consciously by the way. Even so, spending a good four or five unprotected hours in brilliant, blinding sun was pretty stupid. And my feet got the worst of it…


Good God, they look like fake feet. Like hideous hairless hams, all bloated and badly rouged. But no. They are real, and they are mine, and they still itch.

Still, increased threat of melanoma aside, it’s not as bad as when my lip was bitten in the night, by something hideous, three years ago in Sicily, and I woke up looking like a poor man’s Pete Burns


Ha! Are we having fun yet? Of course we are.

Now look at these chaps relaxing at a riverside eatery.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 11.00.44

Now pull back and look again – it’s actually an extraordinarily cool raft-type thing.



What a world, etc. 

Now – on I get.

Have a great weekend and maybe – just for a couple of days – try to ignore the exponential dissolution of human civilisation that’s taking place all around you.



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