Feedback Friday :: So It Begins…

work completed :: 6 copywriting jobs / 2 hours of teaching
hours of Dutch learning :: 0
books being read :: 0
physical exercise :: bit of cycling
weight :: 13st (182 pounds). Yes! I made it to my target weight with the help of a big push last night, finishing most of the crap that was in the fridge. Now, today, the weight loss has begun.
metaphysical exercise :: none
routine adhesion :: 10%
money owed to Donald Trump :: none
consecutive days spent in Holland :: 30
week 26/52 overall rating :: 8.5/10

Today, appropriately enough, is the day.

I’m on a train out of Amsterdam, but only for the evening.

I have no time, so I’ll keep this very brief.

Today is the first day of a 62-day experiment.

I have 62 days to:

a) lose 28 pounds in weight

b) learn Dutch (to a decent pre-intermediate level)

I’m also back on the 6am starts, with naps in the afternoons to allow for late evenings.

Oh, and I bought a bike and gained some further insight into the natural, hilarious insanity of the Dutch. Their roads are… very very different to English roads. Huge intersections with four lanes of traffic, plus trams, will have no give way signs and no traffic lights. And you’ve just got to figure it out. And of course, you do.

Shit, nearly there.

Have a great weekend.

Be special.



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