Feedback Friday :: Painters & Parakeets

I have worked as a builder, and as a painter and decorator, and I know how tedious it can be and how nice it is to alleviate the boredom with high jinks and singing and whistling and shouting and laughing. That's why I'm not currently out on the stairs with an assault rifle. (That, and the fact that I do not own an assault rifle.) The painters are in, you see. I've asked them a couple of times to maybe tone it down a little, volume-wise, and I'm sure they'd like to, they're just not very good at giving a shit. It's been quite a challenge not to shout angry swearwords, and mostly I've succeeded. Well done me. Here's the week...

:: more than last week
alcohol consumed :: 4 glasses of wine
days without alcohol :: 6
days I got to sleep before 1am :: 1
days I started work before 9am :: 0
days I worked more than 10 hours :: 4
days I never left the house :: 0
days I smoked marijuana before 6pm :: 2 (today being one of them)
days I smoked marijuana before 3pm :: 1 (today)
copywriting jobs completed :: 8
other writing jobs completed :: 2
workshops attended :: 1
back sessions :: 5
physical gym visits :: 0
metaphysical gym visits :: 5
approximate number of hours spent learning Dutch :: 0. However, I do have my first proper lesson this afternoon. Added to which, I've heard back from the government who are looking into whether I'm allowed free lessons, which I definitely should be. So that's exciting. 
cinema visits :: 1
reviews written :: 4
reviews pending :: 1
plants kept alive :: 6
exotic creature sightings :: 5. The same exotic creatures each time, but still exciting. I speak of green parakeets. I've seen them before in Amsterdam but never on my doorstep. They've just turned up this week, at least one pair, and I keep seeing them. I love them. I'm going to put my nuts outside later to keep them coming. 
money owed to Donald Trump :: none.
money owed to Ivanka Trump :: none. There's no reason I would owe Ivanka Trump any money. I just wanted to make it clear that no matter what that wizened harpy Conway says, I will never, ever wear Ivanka's daggy threads.
routine adhesion :: 37%
week 6/52 overall rating :: 7.5. Mostly work, but tackled well. Onwards! 

painters & parakeets

I'll get some better pictures when my nuts are out.

What else do you need to know? 


Have a great weekend. You deserve it. 

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