Feedback Friday :: Overwhelm

On the wall of a pub in Amsterdam, earlier.

On the wall of a pub in Amsterdam, earlier.

work completed :: 10 copywriting jobs / 5.5 hours of teaching
ongoing jobs :: 3 more copywriting jobs – whoppers I tell you
hours of Dutch learning :: 1 concerted hour. Maybe. The toad work kills everything, you see. Well, not everything. One day though, one day I’ll have nothing to do but learn Dutch, play guitar, write my own stories and acquiesce to the insistent fondling of Nepalese maidens.
cinema visits :: 1 (The BFG – highly recommended)
books being read :: none – there really aren’t enough hours in the day
physical exercise :: 4 gym visits – the tyrannical toad work made me miss a couple of sessions
metaphysical exercise :: 5 metaphysical gym visits. Ah yes. There has been change in this area. One day I’ll tell you more, because I know you want to know.
weight lost :: Another pound or two – my body is trying to plateau, but I’m intent on pushing through
routine adhesion :: meh
money owed to Donald Trump :: none
consecutive days spent in Holland :: 65
week 31/52 overall rating :: 8/10. Work brought down the average, frankly, but metaphysical work-outs took it back up.

Freelancing is weird. When work comes, it comes not as single spies but in battalions. It’s like there’s a conspiracy to overwhelm you. Quiet quiet BANG.

So I have no time for this today.

Just enough to put your mind at rest.

Everything is going well.

Better than well.

Before this time next week, these are the things I wish to have achieved:

* I want to have sourced my CineCard.

* I want to have begun my push to find somewhere to live in September.

* I want to … nah, fuck it. That’ll do.

What would you like to have achieved?

It’s OK. You don’t have to answer. I know we don’t have much of a dialogue, you and I. But it’ll come. In the meantime though, here, have a cat…

Poekie, stretching, like a chicken.

Poekie, stretching like a chicken.

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