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If you look at this week's numbers, it's like, what did I do? Seven whole days. Gone. Well, mostly I worked fairly intensively on a research and writing job that I'm not going to tell you about. And that's kind of it. That's where the week went. Work. It all seems so paltry and pointless and not very helpful when you look at the horror unfolding all around the world. But it's not. Or it doesn't matter if it is, because life goes on. Life has to go on. At least for now. 

Here's Tom with the weather...

bulk :: I am a creeping fatty who refuses to weigh himself.
alcohol consumed :: 1 bottle of wine
days without alcohol :: 6
copywriting jobs completed :: 5
new ailments :: 1
new cures :: 2
back sessions :: 4
physical gym visits :: 0
metaphysical gym visits :: 0
bank accounts opened :: 1
money in bank account :: none
approximate number of hours spent learning Dutch :: 0. But now that I am an official resident of Amsterdam, I have applied for the free language courses, so hopefully soon, that'll happen.
cinema visits :: 3
reviews written :: 0
reviews pending :: 4
plants kept alive :: 6. The new basil has no life force. There's nothing I can do about it.
money owed to Donald Trump :: none.
routine adhesion :: 5%
week 5/52 overall rating :: 7.5. Work is coming in. I'm happy. Life is good. It's ongoing. 

On Monday evening I went to a friend's house and took possession of a small plastic box filled with used cat litter. I intend to use it to fight the mouse that occasionally comes into my kitchen at night and leaves pellets of poop on my surfaces. And, by all accounts, urine.

I don't know why I assume it to be a single mouse that visits. I just do.

There have been no signs of the mouse for a week or so as it happens, so I'm going to wait until it returns. I just hope my cat litter doesn't go off in the meantime. Does cat urine lose its power? Probably. Everything loses its power eventually. 

I also hope that my mouse does not have toxoplasmosis.

What else?

My back started to go on Monday evening, and was a painful movement-hindering thing by Tuesday morning. I figured this was because the makeshift desk I'd been using for a few months was too high, and I'd also been lying down a lot to work (because my makeshift desk was too high).

So, I found a smaller desk (that my landlady actually used to use at school apparently) and I immediately started doing my back exercises again. And you know what? There was an immediate improvement and I'm almost back to normal.

Back to normal! 

Those exercises are really good though. Someone should write them down. 

What else?

Nothing else. Got to get on. Work to do. Oh, and this weekend I have a workshop. Two days. A creativity thing. Mysterious huh?

Have a monumental weekend.

Cat photographer.

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