Feedback Friday :: Oh, the Places I’ll Go!

bulk :: 13st (woo hoo! I am getting fat before I get fit. It’s going well. And it’s fun. Good old cheese. Good old chocolate. Good old pies.)
days late with this blog post :: 2
days till I go back to France :: 11
weeks till I go WWOOFing in Italy :: 5

Look at this hand:

Isn’t it great? I love that photograph. It’s from a massively splendid series of photographs which can be found here. I’ll be going there at some stage, to La Dimora Dell’Essere, to live and work with the people who own the place, for a couple of weeks. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, just the fact that this opportunity exists at all. I’m still kind of blown away by it. I can’t really understand why more people don’t do it.

Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll be going yet as I’m still working out the last half of the trip. The first half is in place though. First of all I’ll be visiting a small farm in Parma. I’ll be staying there for a week. Then I’ll be going to this place in Lecce. When I saw these words on their website…

“Don’t wonder about the needs of the world; instead,
ask yourself what makes your heart sing and do it, because
what the world needs the most is people whose hearts sing”

…I thought that I really had to go to there. Then I saw some of the other stuff they get up to and I knew I had to go there. Unfortunately, they ask for a minimum commitment of two months, whereas I was planning to spend a maximum of two weeks at each place. So I wrote to the lady who runs it and we compromised. I’ll be staying there for a month.

Because I’ll be trying to do the whole trip without spending any money (on account of not having any money), I’ll be hitching from one destination to the next. Because of this, what I was aiming to do was to keep the distance between one destination and the next to an absolute minimum. In theory, I saw myself working my way around the country in short bursts. Because of various factors, however (and not entirely the fault of my poor organisational skills) the distance between the first two destinations is around one thousand kilometres. It looks like this…

one day

I have allowed myself two days to do it. I will take a tent.

At the moment the whole trip – pending a couple of confirmations – looks like this:


How exciting is that? For me it is very exciting. I am very excited. Now, if I can get someone to pay me to write about it as I go, I’ll be even more excited. But that’s the tricky part.

Keep hope alive.

And in the meantime, just marvel at these hands…

clean hands


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