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So here we are. A whole new year. Is this the one? Is 2017 the one? Well, it's certainly the one in which I stop talking about years being 'the one'. And people. All I want to do is make enough money from copywriting to live in this city and carry on writing the things I want to write in my spare time.

So. How's that going, you ask? Well, since the beginning of the year, this is what I've been up to, and this is where I stand...

bulk :: 11st 12. Winterspeck. Needs work.
copywriting jobs :: 21
websites launched :: 2
things wrong with websites :: an infinite number of things, or at least a number so large as to be indefinable. One of the most alarming things at the moment is the inability to comment.... which - hold on - yes. I do believe I may have just fixed that one. Feel free to test it by leaving a comment on this post. If you like. (This sounds like a trick to get you to leave a comment, but I swear it's not.) (Or is it?) (It's really not.) (Etc.)
dalliances :: 1. That's probably it for the year.
physical gym visits :: 0. It would be wonderful to be one of those people with an exercise routine that was just part of my life, and no matter what else was happening, I kept myself in shape. But I'm not one of those people. I'm a disgrace.
metaphysical gym visits :: 0. I stopped for Christmas and have not started again because of work and other internal factors. Don't have a go at me about it. I will not respond well. 
approximate number of hours spent learning Dutch :: 0. I know. I know. Ik ben een paardereet. 
cinema visits :: 5. That's still one every four days, so it probably seems like a lot to you, especially if you have young children and a full-time job, but honestly, I'm disappointed.
film reviews finished and posted :: 20
film reviews still to finish and post :: 17
companies I'm mad at :: 2. Seagate and Bluehost. Particularly Seagate, whose customer service is really, really, really, really, really, really appalling.
years lost in website shenanigans :: 2. Yep. Two full years of posts were not exported from the old site and I didn't notice until it was far too late. Just about all of my time in France, including everything about Maddie and George - gone. Plus all of the photos from those years are currently on a Seagate hard drive, which isn't working, and about which Seagate could not give a flying fuck.
plants kept alive :: 6. Since last we spoke, the ivy died. I think I took it for granted. Or rather, neglected it. I concentrated on the ones I thought most needed my help, the more complicated plants. And the ivy died. I feel bad. I hope I've learned a lesson of some kind. (Plants need light and water?)
money owed to Donald Trump :: none. So that's something. 
routine adhesion :: 0%
week 3/52 overall rating :: 6. This last week has been dominated by work - predominantly by trying to find clients, which is not something at which I'm naturally gifted, and by trying to fix website glitches, which is something that fills me with misery and rage. But these things will pass and the only way - apart from down - is up. 

Now, what's the secr-

Feedback - Seagate

Aaaaah, yes.  

That's all I've got. I'm feeling very stressed today. But I'm glad to be back. These feedback reports remind me how little I'm doing and how incredibly long it's taking me. So that's good, huh?

This weekend I intend to finish a couple of work-things that I've been putting off for too long, and maybe, just for a bit, get the fuck out of the house.

I hope you're well.

And I really hope you have a great weekend, and are not worrying too much about PRESIDENT TRUMP.


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