Feedback Friday :: Lacklustre Weblog Performance Apparent Result of Intense Preparations for Exciting, Delicious, Intensely Satisfying Future

bulk :: 12st 13 (oops)
days away :: 13
books sold :: none. Get stewed: Books are a load of crap
plans :: heaps
days till I go back to France :: 27
weeks till I give up and go farming :: 7
songs written :: 1
what-have-you :: lots and lots and lots and lots

Picture 2

Right. What? I don’t know, I don’t know. Lots of plans, lots of lists. Plans, lists and hankerings. I’ve spent the last couple of days compiling the definitive list of farms and what-have-you that I want to visit in Italy between June and September. That’s the plan. June to September and then see where I am, who I am and whatever I happen to be made of. An awful lot can happen in three months. I start sending out the emails and arranging the visits just as soon as I’ve finished this here lacklustre blog post.

I’ve given up on the book. Well, not given up exactly. It’s still there – it will always be there – but I’m done trying to sell it. Lots of people read it and liked it. A few people loved it and that was very heartening. Lots of other people, however, didn’t. Well, I’m imagining they didn’t, as I never heard from them again.

It doesn’t matter.

I’ll write some more. And when they don’t sell in vast numbers either, I’ll write some more again. So it goes.

I had a very good time in France. I had a good time with old friends and new friends and ducks and dogs, and I had a good time on my own, back in The Shack, which now has electricity.

Imagine that.

Electric light. Refrigerated cheese. Hot water. Power tools.

I have nothing much to say today and too much to do. Suffice to say, everything is going in the right direction.

Here – for posterity – am I, up a roof about six months ago.

2012-10-01 12.49.44

Time eh?

And space.

Have a wonderful weekend.

I love you.


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