Feedback Friday :: Labours of Love

editors pitched :: 5
replies received :: 0 (although one editor, pitched twice, is away this week, and two other pitches were sent this morning – keep hope alive)
commissions :: 0
money made :: £60 (not for writing)
money spent :: £72.81
tobacco consumed :: some (we don’t need to talk about this particular failure)
alcohol consumed :: a large share of a box of red wine, followed by a large share of another box of red wine; 4 pints of San Miguel
weight to shed :: 14 pounds
physical exercise :: none (something must be done)
metaphysical exercise :: none (ditto)
major distractions :: 2
week 4/52 overall rating :: 7.5/10


So I stuck to my target and sent out five pitches this week, and as a consequence, I’m pleased with myself. Because I almost didn’t do it, and believe me, had I not, I would have been angry with myself. And that would have been awful. I don’t like me when I’m angry.

None of them have garnered a response yet, but that’s OK. It’s a numbers game. And it’s fine not to receive a response. As long as I’m putting the effort in, my spirits will remain high. For, as Mark Manson pointed out to me only this morning, ‘our struggles determine our successes‘. (Or of course, our failures.)

Also this week I spent a day on a boat on a river helping a friend fix it up to let it out. That’s the view from the boat above – I touched up the colour because frankly, the day was too grey to keep it real. As grey as it was though, and as cold and wet as it was, it made me think, and not for the first time, that a life on the river would be a fine life.

But not for me. Not now at least. In the future, however, who knows? There are still many, many different lives to be lived.

My other major distraction this week was a film- and film-writing-related issue. I’ll talk a little more about it in a few weeks when it’s properly up and running. It won’t be a paid gig at first – maybe not ever – but it’s something I’m going to enjoy massively and it should at the very least result in a lot more exposure. I know that sounds a bit wishy-washy but bear with me. It’s a labour of love, and you should never pooh-pooh a labour of love.

Speaking of labours of love, if you haven’t seen it already, you should probably watch this…

Have a great weekend.


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