Feedback Friday :: All This and Kittens Too

editors pitched :: 5
commissions :: 0
ongoing commissions/projects :: 3
shopkeepers offended :: 1
ructions walked away from :: 1
lessons taught :: 4
weight to shed :: 14 pounds
physical exercise :: lots
metaphysical exercise :: none
week 8/52 overall rating :: 7/10


Good. Good. Good. Things are happening. Or rather, I’m making things happen.

First, this journalism lark. Christ, it’s a tough nut to crack. I know all freelancers have the same experience and it’s boring and pointless to complain but Christ on a bike, most editors are cold, inhuman, ignorant shitbags. I know they’re busy. I know they have a heap of pitches to get through every day, but how difficult is it to have an automated ‘no thanks’ that’s a single click away?

I used to be an editor. Granted it wasn’t on a particularly grand publication but I used to get a fair few pitches and requests for help and claims upon my time and there must have been some to which I didn’t respond, of course there must, I’m only human, but I swear there weren’t many. I mean, it’s just common decency isn’t it, if someone communicates with you, to communicate back?

Anyway, fuck it.

I’m starting a three-month training course next week, which I’m not going to say any more about until I’m out the other side. But it’s going to mean a lot of work, and a whole new routine. It’s also meant turning down other work, which seems on the surface kind of illogical, but I don’t think it is. I need to concentrate on making a living out of what I do best, and what I love best. And that’s writing.

Yesterday I was interviewed for a book that will hopefully be out in a year’s time. At the end of the interview, I stripped down to my socks and was photographed.

Life is funny.

I’m also doing a lot of work on a film-related project that hopefully I’ll be able to talk about very soon.

I’m also back to teaching a few afternoons and evenings a week. I have another student, another WAG. Who I’m not charging anywhere near enough. Because I’m a sap. But I’m glad I’m not ruled by money, or the desire for it. Overall, I’m very glad.

I will interview a poet on Sunday. And will probably end up out of pocket for the privilege. Ha!

Fuck it.

And nothing else to report.

Oh wait – my mum had another birthday, and after being reminded by Facebook that it was two years’ ago this week that she was lying in hospital on a ventilator, very possibly dying, I am very grateful.

And also, some friends took possession of some posh kittens. See above.

Who could ask for more? Eh?

I hope you are well, whoever you are.


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