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The Movies. One of the many beautiful independent cinemas in Amsterdam.

work completed :: 3 copywriting jobs. Nothing else. I’m phasing out the teaching entirely for various reasons, and the copywriting has almost totally dried up, temporarily I hope. Yikes.
approximate number of hours spent learning Dutch :: 3
approximate number of hours spent on new copywriting company :: 10
chocolate binges :: 1
physical gym visits :: ZERO! Shit. I just … I can’t … I mean, I don’t – oh, I don’t know. Cinema feels a lot more important than the gym at the moment, although obviously they’re not mutually exclusive. I am ashamed of myself.
metaphysical gym visits :: 14. Phew. Fuck shame. I would definitely like to do more of what I tell myself I’m going to do though. And I’d like to do it when I say I’m going to do it.
couchsurfers hosted :: 2
unexpected nights of passion :: 1
cinema visits :: 6
reviews written :: 5
increasingly pressing medical concerns :: 1. Which is a concern in itself. My concern is a concern, because if I wish to act upon it, I have to get involved with another level of bureaucracy here in Amsterdam, and that may affect my status and ultimately threaten my stability. Are you with me? Doesn’t matter. Suffice to say, I have an itch I cannot scratch. Literally and metaphorically. I really need to get legal.
plants kept alive :: 7
as yet unfixed punctures :: 1
things brought in from the street :: 3. One really excellent chair. One pretty cool rug. One splendid plant pot.
money panics :: 1. I realised on Monday that I was down to less than €50. Then my tax rebate came through the next morning. So I’m floating again. But it’s time. It’s most certainly time. Oh, and my English bank is unceremoniously butt-fucking me too, and that has to stop. Aaarrgh! Things of an official nature are coming to a head.
money owed to Donald Trump :: none
routine adhesion :: 5%. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on here. It would be easy for me to blame cinema or couchsurfers but that would be a lie. No one is responsible for my life and how it pans out on a daily basis but me, and routine-wise at least, I really need to shit, or get off the pot.
week 43/52 overall rating :: 9. I refuse to let concerns over health, money, work and status affect what has otherwise been a sterling week.


Little Vera



Big Vera

That’s it. Got to get on. Work to find. (Films to watch.) Have a fantastic weekend. I know I will.

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