Feedback Friday :: Hip Hip

work completed :: 6 copywriting jobs / 2 hours of teaching
hours of Dutch learning :: maybe 2 hours
physical exercise :: 4 gym visits
metaphysical exercise :: 13 metaphysical gym visits
weight lost :: got down to under 11st, thus achieving aim and gathering fodder. Weight loss is no longer the goal. From September 16th, there is a new goal. Let’s call it – for now – The Embuffening.
routine adhesion :: 60%
money owed to Donald Trump :: none
consecutive days spent in Holland :: 93
week 35/52 overall rating :: 9.5/10, with a couple of points gained only this morning…


Quite a week, quite a week.

I’ll tell you what happened.

Charles and Fay came to Amsterdam – you don’t know them, or maybe you do – to see Banksy – you know him, and at the same time you don’t. What a world. How much do we know for sure? And who the fuck are we?

I’ll tell you soon, but for now we must concentrate.

I also went to the Banksy Exhibition, and it was very good, if a little on the instantaneously forgettable side. I would probably like most of the images if I saw them on Twitter, and I’d retweet quite a few – particularly the more audacious ones, none of which have stuck in my head – but there was nothing at all there to move you. Or me, at least, and I’m easily moved. And I expect to be moved by art. And I was unmoved. So I exited through the gift shop. And I did not buy.

There is a new kitten in de Pijp. Which has been the cause if much hilarity. And relief, as the big one seems to have fallen for the little one as much as the humans have.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 15.27.15

The Echo

There is nothing like a kitten.

What else?

Well, I saw this…

Screenshot 2016-09-02 15.35.48


And I saw this…

Screenshot 2016-09-02 15.27.27


And I saw these…



And this morning I had confirmation that I will be moving into a lovely little flat (that I still haven’t actually seen in real life) in the West of Amsterdam, on September the 15th. So the search is over and I’ll be returning to England in a few days to prepare for the challenges ahead.

For they will be many. I will say more very soon, but now I must visit all the supermarkets again and take down my special cards.

Oh, and this weekend, I am meeting people.

Life has begun. In earnest. 

Here’s to you.




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