Feedback Friday :: Heatwave


work completed :: 10 copywriting jobs / 4 hours of teaching
hours of Dutch learning :: at least 8 hours
physical exercise :: 5 gym visits / 4 back routines / lots and lots of cycling
metaphysical exercise :: 14 metaphysical gym visits
weight lost :: this morning I was down to 11st 3, so just three pounds to go
routine adhesion :: 70%, kinda
money owed to Donald Trump :: shit all
consecutive days spent in Holland :: 86
week 34/52 overall rating :: 7.5/10. The lack of a place to live next month is still a concern, but it’ll all work out. That much is obvious.

I’m back in a state of limbo, waiting to see if I’ve got somewhere to live, and frankly, everything else is kind of on hold. Which is to say I’m using it as an excuse not to write more. A little bit.


I’m waiting to hear back on a place for three. (Via Facebook.)

I’m waiting to hear back on a place for one. (Via word of mouth.)

And I’m waiting to hear back from a guy who shops in Albert Heijn. (Via one of the cards I put up in various supermarkets.)

Maybe this one…


Maybe another.

Either way, there’s definitely a balance to be achieved between making positive proactive steps to try and find somewhere, and just taking it easy every now and then and seeing what unfolds. At the moment I’m allowing myself a short wallow in phase two.

It is now eleven hours later and all three of the above got back to me, all of them with positive tidings. So options have opened up and things are now looking distinctly awesome, one way or the other.

So that’s it. Our work here is done. If things continue to move in the right direction, I should be making progress with THE HUGE MASSIVE LIFE PROJECT within a month. With maybe a week in London before we settle in.

Isn’t life awfully good? What you up to?




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