Feedback Friday :: Flow

pitches sent :: 3. But that’s what the training is for. I’m in a phase of intense preparation. I’m like a ninja, perfecting my stealth, my guile, my lexical metsubushi. Give me another fortnight and it’s going to be a pitching frenzy. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to it.
commissions :: 0
hours of training :: 30
ongoing commissions/projects :: 4 or 5. Or 6. ~remembers to focus~ 4.
English lessons taught :: 4
weight to shed :: I don’t know. I’m fuzzy on my goal. I need to focus on that too. Because it’s time to get fit again. Which of course, is all part of the same process. This is good. I’ve been trying to do this for years. And I’m excited that I may finally be going in the right direction. But I’m the same weight as I was last week, only now my knees are hurting. And I’ve given up bread. Two days and counting. I saw a shocking video highlighting the maltreatment of dough. No, but I really have given up bread. It’s an experiment. A friend of mine gave up sugar recently and he said it was harder than coming off the horse. Then he had a couple of Quality Street. But that’s interesting stuff, isn’t it? I love the idea of cutting something out of your diet or daily routine, completely, and monitoring the effect its absence has on your body. And, incidentally, you’re only really in a position to do that if you’ve embraced structure. If you’re on top of yourself, all over yourself, right up inside your own arse, in a psychic way. I’m really quite stoned, I wonder if that’s coming across at all. That’s allowed too of course, in the measured, structured, carefully constructed scheme of things. Fuck it, it’s encouraged. If that’s your thing. If that’s not your thing, not to worry. But try to make sure you do have a thing of your own. Because it’s fun. And fun is a good thing. And goddammit I deserve it. Also pasta. And wine.
weeks without milk :: 4 or 5. Boom!
cows saved :: INFINITE COWS!
new ailments :: buggered knees
old ailments :: A touch of this, I can’t deny. But we’ll say no more.
physical exercise :: 2 runs around the common, 3 if you count the one I did last Friday night, the one in which I tripped and fell in the gravel like an old man, but you can’t really count that because I counted it last week already.
metaphysical exercise :: 2 very short spells of meditation – I’m building it into my pre-work hour routine, but my hypomanic tendencies are making it a fucknut of a struggle.
week 9/52 overall rating :: 8/10. Yeah, a good 8 at that. I mean, really, what did it lack? I spent most of it doing something I’m programmed to love. Inasmuch as we all are. There are studies that if I weren’t so eager to be elsewhere I would dig out, that show very clearly that learning stuff that interests us is one of those things that makes us feel really excellent. So I did a lot of that. It lacked romance, for sure, the week. Although in a sense of course, it was packed with romance, but just not sexy romance, which is what it lacked. But that’s fine. Frankly, I wouldn’t have had the time. But I will. By God, I will. I hope. And in the meantime I have this. And I have time. Look at the time! And we haven’t even mentioned flow.

On the off-chance that you’ve never seen this, I urge you to watch it. It’s nine minutes that will stay with you forever. Or else you’ll just go meh. (Your spoon is too big.)



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