Feedback Friday :: Enough Already

pitches sent :: 1. I’m still in pre-ninja mode. Easy now.
commissions :: 0. My rather outré approach clearly didn’t work. Ah well. Their loss.
deadlines met :: 1
responses to submission :: 0. Despite repeated polite requests. Hmmmm. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, though. They must be busy. Too busy to do the right thing. It’s fine. It’ll all work out.
Airbnb requests made :: 2
Airbnb requests rejected :: 1
Airbnb requests pending :: 1
Maltesers stolen :: 9
hours of training :: 30
ongoing commissions/projects :: 5
English lessons taught :: 2. My other two students had friends visiting from Italy so decided to forego their linguistic development for the week. Pfffft.
physical exercise :: 0 runs around the common. I’m worried about my knees. Three indoor work-outs. Not enough. May join a gym before I go away. Will probably wait.
metaphysical exercise :: 3 short spells of meditation. Remembering the tingle.
week 10/52 overall rating :: 7.5/10. Not bad. Good in fact, but enough things didn’t go my way for me to knock off half a point.

I’m knackered. And I need to get drunk. Not need need. Just want need.

Thankfully, I’m off up to North London in a moment for the surprise party of someone I don’t know.

That’s not the surprise.

This is…



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