Feedback Friday :: Beautiful Freaks

pitches/proposals :: 0
jobs completed :: 5 copywriting jobs
English lessons taught :: 8
English lessons aborted because of technology issues :: 1
hours of Dutch learning :: 0 (I have fallen out of the habit – see how easily it happens?)
books being read :: 2 (Same two as five weeks ago. Pfffft.)
physical exercise :: None whatsoever. I am getting fat and I love it! (I don’t actually love it. I feel uncomfortable. But I really do have a plan.)
metaphysical exercise :: None whatsoever. I’m in transition. You’ll see.
routine adhesion :: 50%
days left to Amsterdam :: 18
week 18/52 overall rating :: 7/10. The week was brought low by technological meltdown and one very sad cat. 

It’s been a funny old week. I’m currently sitting in the house of some friends in Peckham, where I’ve had to come to be sure that the internet connection is strong enough to connect me with my student in Dubai. 
I’m very grateful that my friends have allowed me to use their home, but the experience of faffing about between places that are not mine, and once again relying on the the kindness of other people, has made me think very seriously that the time might be right to find somewhere of my own and, ultimately, settle down. (At least for a while.) 
Hopefully it’ll happen in Amsterdam. We’ll see. 
Hopefully, within let’s say, eight months, I’ll be living in an apartment like this one…
I found it online. It’s in Amsterdam.
I want it. 
What else? Not too much actually. It has been a week of mostly steady work and very sad pet anguish. There is a poor old cat who has reacted in the worst possible way to the arrival of new animals in his home. Refusing to eat, insisting on sitting outside, not looking after himself – showing all the signs of proper depression. It’s horrible to watch, but he’s being taken to the vet tonight, so hopefully she’ll have some ideas of how to help him. Fingers (and claws) crossed. 
One more thing of note this week. I learned something I feel I should’ve known already, but didn’t. I learned that all living creatures can suffer from (or be blessed by, depending on your perspective) albinism. I had no idea. Check out these beauties, mostly taken from here
Amazing, huh? Here, have a song.
As for this weekend, I’m getting wrecked. And you?

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