Feedback Friday :: And We’re Off!

editors pitched :: 1
replies received :: 0
commissions :: 0
things written for no money :: 3
things written for money :: 1
money made :: £150 (or at least invoiced)
money spent :: £158.75
films watched :: 7
films watched twice :: 1
tobacco consumed :: none
alcohol consumed :: 4ish bottles of wine, four pints of Guinness, five or six bottles of beer (written down, that seems like quite a lot)
physical exercise :: none (written down, that doesn’t seem like enough)
metaphysical exercise :: none (ditto)
physical setbacks :: 2
week 3/52 overall rating :: 7/10


The pitch that was still pending last Friday at this time came through a half hour after posting last week’s feedback report, and I wrote it over the weekend. It was a small piece about The Battle of the Oranges. And it was a relief, and a start.

What I’m going to aim to do next week and from now on is send off one pitch a day. That’s my new minimum. No more distractions. Total concentration. I’m a force, I’m a force, I’m a force.

Yeah, alright. But seriously. Now’s the time.

So far this year though, I have a strike rate of one in three. If I could keep that up – especially at one pitch a day – then I’d be happy. I might even finally get to call myself a proper writer.

We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve got nothing else this week. Apart from the fact that I have developed two new old-person maladies in the past week. Blepharitis is one and a cricked neck that will not go away but rather appears to be getting worse and worse is the other. Not necessarily old-person maladies I know, but I am an old person, and they are my maladies. For the moment, I am treating one with bicarbonate of soda and one with Deep Heat. (Insert hilarious mix-up gag here.)

Now I must carry on writing – a writer writes – and then prepare myself mentally for Room. I have heard it is a six-tissue film. (Insert hilarious self-abuse gag here.)

You have a wonderful weekend now, you hear?


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