Day Ten :: Cats!

Friday 10th June

Got up around 9, which is late, and got to work clearing. Made a lot of headway. Went to see the mayor this afternoon, but missed him by half an hour, as today is Friday, and on Fridays he goes home early. So I went to Nantiat to buy a hairbrush (to brush the weevils from my hair) and a marker pen (to write French words on the walls). Also stocked up on wine and cheese.

Tonight went with Alex and Dave the Plumber to Droux where I met a lot of English people, most of them excellent and thoroughly interesting types. I am having to rethink my prejudices concerning ex-pats. They’re not all like the hateful, muttering, insular types I got to know in Istanbul. Far from it. Also, last night, I met another person from Sunderland – not only that – he’s actually from Pennywell, and went to the same school as me, albeit ten years earlier. That, as Kurt Vonnegut would say, is a mildly amazing coincidence.

Also, the woman who runs the bar in Droux is called Sue. As well as a wood burner she is prepared to sell me, Sue has some kittens she needs to get rid of, as she and her husband have ‘thousands of cats’. I think she may have been exaggerating, but still. I’ve wanted a cat of my own for decades. She said I could always give it back if I ended up leaving. I think I’m going to have to go for it. Maybe after August when I have a week’s work in London.

We’ll see.

Drank too much. Had fun.

Lot of drunk driving over here, isn’t there?



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