Day Seven :: Damp

Tuesday 7th June. 17:37.

Miserable weather. One downpour after another with a more or less constant drizzle in between. On one of the forums I joined before I came here, people were worried that there was going to be a major drought this year. I know a couple of days’ rain won’t necessarily offset a drought, but… actually I don’t know what I’m saying. I wish there was a drought is what I’m attempting to say, but really I don’t. I just wish it would rain at night, and never during the day.

Alex came round just after nine and we drove into Limoges and bought a bunch of stuff. Then we went back to his and I had a couple of goes on his air rifle.

If I were a wealthy man, I would go somewhere right now and buy one. And maybe a few more weapons. I can’t deny that I enjoy them. Here is my gun face.

He also leant me a strimmer, a set of tiny speakers and an SAS Survival Guide. Then we came back to mine and he spent a few hours trying and failing to fix up my hot water. I felt a little bad as it’s his day off and, as he kept telling me, he hates plumbing. But he was pretty insistent on helping me and despite repeated dead ends, he refused to give up for some time. Then he gave up and was pissed off at having been defeated by a dodgy boiler.

He’s just gone back now but will return in a couple of hours as we’re off up to a bar in Roussac to celebrate Dave the Plumber’s birthday. I would ask Dave the Plumber to have a crack at my boiler but he’s back off to England in a couple of days. I now have to either find a French plumber or decide to live on cold water for the foreseeable. It’s not such a chore with a couple of pans of hot water from a fire every once in a while.

The weather is dispiriting though. I want to get out there with my power tools and get on, but it’s no fun in a downpour.

Everything is damp. I need sunshine.

Instead, I shall pump my damp maudlin soul into a little writing.



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