Day One :: Je suis arrivé

Wednesday June 1st. 23:10

I’m here.

We arrived at about 7pm and unpacked the car. I started washing the floor while Chris went and looked for something to eat. There was nothing. So we drove around for fifteen minutes looking for a restaurant, failed to find one and came back and cook pasta and soup on a campfire.

We’re currently sitting in front of the last of the fire. There are crickets. An owl just made its noise.

This is my brother-in-law. He is a little blurred, but that’s just his way. He’s quite sharp once you get to know him.

I had less than three hours sleep last night and an hour on the ferry to Calais, so I’m going to turn in shortly.

There is a lot to do. An awful lot to do and I have to say, I am very excited about doing it. Tomorrow we have to try and make the front door work. And hopefully get the plumbing fixed so that there’s running water.

I left my phone in England. I would hardly be able to use it anyway, but it was stupid of me.

Tonight however, I built a fire and made pasta and soup on it. Who needs a phone? Eh?

Now I’m going to bed.

The mosquitoes are large.

Bonne nuit.


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