Webster's Guides to a Life Well-Lived

New site launching very soon. Find out more below. Sign up for updates as and when they make themselves available... 

So. That's what I'm going with. Webster's Guides to a Life Well-Lived. There it is. And it'll be opening for business very soon. There will be, as the name all but guarantees, guides.

Every other Wednesday in fact, if not much less frequently, I will publish a 'How to....' style article. Drawing heavily on my own experience, widespread book-learning and guesswork, these guides will help you achieve great success in a wide variety of areas. For example, with my help, you will be able to...

Cure a Bad Back
Lose a Shitload of Weight
Move to a New City
Use an Escalator
Improve Your Writing By 55%
Get Arrested
Fall in Love
Take Drugs
Deal With a Sociopath
Not Be Racist
Fail Successfully
Defeat the Nazis
Be Truly Selfish
Overthrow Capitalism
Be Immortal

Added to which, there will also be film reviews of all the latest releases - well, not all of them. There are lots of things I will not watch. But I currently pay €19 a month for a Cineville card, with which I can watch anything I want to. Amsterdam is awesome. Reviews waiting to go up when I've finally got the site ready include I, Daniel Blake, Nocturnal Animals, Eight Days a Week, Lo and Behold, Snowden, Captain Fantastic, Singin' in the Rain, and more than 20 more.

There will also be other stuff. Down the line. I'll probably persist with Feedback Friday but maybe just be for subscribers. So if you enjoy my writing and would like to read stuff that's too saucy for the internet.... Not saucy. That's not what I mean. It won't be saucy. Well, rarely. Rarely saucy sadly. But it will be personal. And relatively concise.

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I'm building this website myself and I don't really know what I'm doing. This is why everything is taking such a long time. Ultimately, I'll probably just launch with a bunch of mistakes and keep working on it as I go, just like this page. So there we are. Here's a picture of Audrey Tautou to compensate for my lack of professionalism...